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Creativity of Vermont Entrepreneurship



The C.O.V.E. represents a new innovative approach in helping clients with product development. C.O.V.E. is a team of passionate, intelligent, and driven individuals producing small batch products with superior quality.


The perceived value of our complete product portfolio is due directly to the C.O.V.E's own efforts and the sourcing of ingredients. Our coalition of creative Vermont entrepreneurs is directly responsible for the development, the manufacturing, and the representation of all products. C.O.V.E. products are made from scratch with raw materials that are sourced locally and thoughtfully, with the inclusion of Vermont ingredients when possible.


Our creative process begins with the following core questions:

  • How can we create a product that improves the health and mindfulness of our customers?

  • How can we bring our community along throughout our journey and growth?

  • Will our product represent the Vermont Brand with fervor and grace?


Throughout this process we reevaluate our products by asking the following questions:

  • Is this product continuing to support our core values or have we been derailed and distracted?

  • After recipe revisions, does this product continue to uphold our vigorously high gastronomical standards?

At The C.O.V.E, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your product is the best that it can be - from the raw ingredients to the bottle. For more information regarding product development, please contact joshuapfeil@gmail.com.