Hello, thank you for taking interest in our Ginger Juice!


We would like to share with you some details regarding our organic Peruvian ginger and the production process we have in place to ensure that we provide the highest quality ginger juice in the world.


During my visit to the jungles of central Peru, where our ginger is grown, I met the farmers and employees that make this beautiful root available to us.

Our process is best described as “Farm to Customer” because it is

vertically integrated; The crop is hand harvested and delivered

directly to our state of the art processing facility.


The independent farmers that we source all of our certified

organic ginger root from deliver their crop in small Toyota pickups

with oversized truck beds to fit all the harvest crates. These small 

trucks equipped with unique "jungle" tires make it possible to

navigate the narrow hills and frequent watersheds in the area.

On the day that the G.A.P. certified crop is received, it is undergoes a rigorous washing process, both automatic and mechanized, in our state of the art facility that is both organic and HACCP certified.  The washing and culling process must be precise, therefore the crop passes through the hands hands of several experienced local workers to ensure that our high quality is maintained.


Once fully washed and inspected, the bounty is then sanitized with an organic certified sanitizer and dried through a series of air knives.  After this step, the crop is juiced in our refrigerated processing room and chilled to a freezing temperature within 4 hours of pressing.

I was able to eat with the people of the region, walk with the farmers through their farms where the ginger is grown and work alongside the employees of the ginger processing plant (it is almost entirely woman that can spot good and bad ginger from 10 feet away). They are a beautiful, gracious and powerful community and I feel connected to them every time I look at our potent hands of ginger.  

Opening up the container releases a gush of scents from the jungles of Peru and I am almost drunk with love for the whole affair.


That is why I’d like to share our ginger with you and that how we offer the best ginger juice on the market.


With Gratitude,


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