A Drop of Joy, LLC seeks to support the emerging specialty food industry by manufacturing our own branded products, private label / white label products and co-packing other food producer’s brands. We hope to build the economic and agricultural strength of the regional food system in Vermont by working with local growers and producers to diversify and extend seasonal products through value added processing that is lean enough to meet the economy of scale required to access the greater regional and national market.  


Our greatest commitment is to food safety. Our clients know that we require no less than industry excellence with every product we process. Our unique processing facility and knowledge about food safety attracts clients with temperature sensitive products who require high levels of attention.


The production room is a 1200 square foot, temperature controlled, wash down facility with a temperature control ranging from 36º fahrenheit to ambient temperatures which facilitates the manufacture and package of a diverse portfolio of goods: temperature sensitive products such as raw juices, cold processed condiments, hot-packed beverage blends, bottled acidified foods and carbonated beverage. Located inside Vermont Commercial Warehouse, we provide our clients and collaborators with prime storage space, including 144,000 sq ft of dry storage,1200 sq ft of cold storage, and 10,000 sq ft of freezer storage.